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Global Aeronautical Support

The Global Network

The Global Network

Established in 2009 in the United Arab Emirates, MixJet Flight Support (MFS) has fast become a leading multifaceted aviation services supplier. In 2022, Mixjet (MFS) has so far provided nearly 10,000 services across 134 countries and 6 continents.

Over the years, we have developed a strong network of vetted partners who share the same service standards and are equally committed to operating with honesty and integrity. Mixjet offers tailored, cost-effective worldwide trip support services 24/7 at 6019 airports with contracted cover.

We have the ability to arrange all required flight permits in the fastest and most efficient way. We look after overflight, landing clearances and airport fees for a wide range of flight types, from commercial airlines to VIP flights operators, anywhere in the world, in the shortest time. Mixjet has provided flight planning and permits and support for 5,766 flights, from the smallest Eclipse 550 to the AN225, the world’s largest.

Share of services by continent in 2022:

Africa Asia Europe South America North America Oceania
54 countries 41 countries 26 countries 7 countries 5 countries 1 country
100% 87% 60% 60% 5% 10%

Aviation fuel supply is one of our core services.

Our global fuel management service is highly trusted by our worldwide clients is about the logistics of getting the fuel where it needs to be and operating an efficient fuel strategy. We have uplifted 45,530,000 litres o f Jet-A1 across the continents which reinforces our status as the fuel provider of choice for a diverse range of operators.

Mixjet provide ground handling arrangements around the world enabled by our global network of trusted partners. We strive provide efficient and effective day to day flight support services to our customers and have coordinated ground handling for 1,989 flights whilst regulating 2410 Overfly/Landing permits.

Our Mixjet Concierge Service comprises a professional and experienced team, able to deliver throughout the year, a comprehensive range of concierge services for all stages of the journey.

Mixjet booked more than 500 hotels while creating travel itineraries, and organizing helicopter and chauffeur services through our complete Concierge service.

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