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Crew Accommodation

A-Z Trip Logistics for crew

Crew Accommodation

Mixjet understands the potential administrative complications of looking after a crew can be immense, whether it is for a scheduled layover or an unexpected situation.

Crew IDs, Visa arrangements, suitable accommodation and ground vehicle transport require extensive planning. The competence and scope of our team, an extensive network of luxury and standard hotel accommodations, and technology that allows us to adjust and coordinate on the fly will ensure your crew has a safe and comfortable layover anywhere in the world.

Hotel bookings

We offer high-class personal and business concierge packages that include hotel bookings to provide clients with tailor-made experiences and fulfill any request from a comprehensive portfolio of our hospitality partners.

Transportation, including car rental

MixJet team provides safe and reliable transportation, including car rentals, wherever you are.

Visa support

MixJet team makes visa services one thing you don't have to worry about when it comes to international travel. They are fast and detailed, ready to support your travel at any time.

Ground Handling

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