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MixJet Flight Support Takes Center Stage in '50 MENA Leaders' Documentary

Date: 26.07.2023

MixJet Flight Support Takes Center Stage in '50 MENA Leaders' Documentary

Dubai, 26.07.2023 - The esteemed documentary campaign, "50 MENA Leaders," is set to make its debut on CBS News on the 25th of July, beginning with a focus on MixJet Flight Support. MixJet, a global trailblazer in comprehensive aviation services, in conjunction with other notable regional companies such as Microsoft, Oracle, Siemens, Zoom, GE, Tim Hortons, Daimler, The Red Sea Development Company, and Damas, has considerably shaped the market in the Middle East and North Africa region. MixJet's continuous commitment to setting new standards of excellence in the flight support sector have been particularly impactful.

The campaign illuminates the groundbreaking accomplishments of MixJet's CEO and Founder, Mr. Munir Khalifa, and their young Executive Vice President, Mr. Shukri Khalifa. Their visionary leadership and unwavering dedication have fostered a revolution in the industry. Through MixJet's innovative solutions and state-of-the-art technologies, they have significantly influenced the aviation ecosystem of the region.

Expressing gratitude for this recognition, Mr. Munir Khalifa, Owner & CEO of MixJet Flight Support, said, "We are deeply humbled and honored to be featured in the esteemed '50 MENA Leaders' documentary campaign. This recognition serves as a testament to the hard work, dedication, and innovation of the entire MixJet team."

Echoing this sentiment, MixJet's Executive Vice President, Mr. Shukri Khalifa, emphasized the campaign's significance, stating, "Being part of the '50 MENA Leaders' campaign marks a remarkable milestone for MixJet Flight Support. It underscores our unwavering commitment to innovation, operational efficiency, and the exceptional partnerships we have forged. We take great pride in our contribution to the progression of the aviation industry in the MENA region."

The "50 MENA Leaders" documentary campaign, which will air on CBS News, offers a unique opportunity for ambitious entrepreneurs, aviation enthusiasts, and industry professionals to gain insights into MixJet Flight Support's journey and their transformative impact on the aviation sector.


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